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The crime of silence by western media - They don't even mention the Russel Tribunal

The Media in western Europe,  the VS, Australia and Canada didn't report about the warcrimes Israel committed against the Palestine people in Gaza and the West Bank,  this summer 2014.
And instead of noting the world wide protests against this genocide and destuction, they made 'anti-semitism' the main thema in their News Programs.

On the dutch/belgium alternative Television site you can see links to all the Gaza-specials and news-items which were broadcasted this summer on local Television Stations and on the Internet by DemocracyNow!, Aljazeera, RT, PressTV, the Guardian and others.

Among them are interviews with:

All three of the above were among 14 witnesses who appeared before the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels, on September 25, 2014, to assess Israel’s recent actions in Gaza.  Excerpts from the Tribunal’s summary of findings are on page 15. The full summary is on our website:  The Western Media didn't even mention that it took place.

Bertrand Russell, the philosopher and Nobel Prize laureate who organized the Tribunal in 1966, did so with the aim that “this tribunal may prevent the crime of silence.”  In my opinion, the Western Media made themself guilty for the crime of silence


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