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Israel to consider war crimes case

Israel's Supreme Court will hear evidence that officials committed war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza 

For the first time Israel's Supreme Court is set to consider evidence on April 2 that senior Israeli political and military officials committed war crimes in relation to major military operations in Gaza and Lebanon. 

The 52-page petition relates to three major military operations launched by Israel over a four-year period, in which many of the same officials were involved:

  • the war against Lebanon in summer 2006
  • Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in late 2008
  • naval attack in international waters on a humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza in May 2010.

Some 1,200 Lebanese were killed in the month-long war in summer 2006, of which the majority were civilians. The UN children’s charity UNICEF has estimated that nearly a third of the dead were children under the age of 13. 
During Operation Cast Lead in 2008-09 (sea&air attacks on Gaza), some 1,400 Palestinians, of which 1000 were civilians, were killed by Israeli forces.

Read the article on Aljazeera, 29 marz 2014


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