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predictable from the start

The scenario was predictable from the start, after the 3 teens were missing:

  • The Israeli occupation army closed all gates, checkpoints and many new roadblocks
  • Pretending they were looking for the 3 young settlers, they raided more then 1000 houses, even in Nablus and Jenin districts
  • They raided the offices of news media and human right organizations and confiscated computers and documents
  • They detained 600 Palestinians, even children, including Parliament Members and prisoners which were previously released bi negations.
  • The list of Palestinians to be detained was prepared before the incident. Most of them Hamas sympathizers
  • They killed 6 young Palestinians and injured more then hundred
  • They bombed the Gaza every night - frightening and hurting people who cannot escape or even rebuild their houses.
  • The news about the shot which was heard in the telephone call was kept secret, to allow these 'search' operations all over the West bank.
  • Israeli Journalists were not allowed to disclose any facts about their investigations. Palestinian journalists were attacked and detained
  • The Israeli people was mass brainwashed by all Israeli media, day and night
  • After all the listed Palestinians were detained, failing two of them, they apparently found the 3 dead settlers, close to where they were missing.
  • They blamed these two missing Palestinian men for the killing, and demolished their family houses.
  • They blamed the Hamas and started the massive bombings on Gaza: 32 attacks in the first night
  • They blamed the new Palestinian conjunction government and Abbas. Most likely they will break agreements they have made with the PA.
  • All government members shouted for revenge, which will lead to more punishment of the whole Palestinian community
  • They investigate the dead bodies and the crime scene very quick and secretly, refusing all international observers, and will prove their story by their findings.
  • There is no piece of proof; no sign of involvement; and still some contradictions (the driver who gave two of them a ride)

That's a very scary story of a very brutal ultra right zionist government.
Is this how they can successfully break 10 years of peaceful Palestinian resistance? Do these war-criminals get away with these acts of abuse?
Will they get the majority of votes again in the next elections?

I wish there would be any rational thinking Israeli who would protest against this. I didn't see any yet.  That's very sad!

Isn't there any Israeli or group speaking out against these practices and lies?

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