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Anti Zionisme cannot be explained as antisemitism

Instead of restraining from war crimes, the zionist government in Israel uses every possibility to blame freedom advocates of antisemitism

PM Netanyahu, and FM Lieberman did it again, shortly after the killings in the Jewish Museum in Brussels: "
These anti-Semitic attacks are  the result of critism and the boycott actions against Israel...", Netanyahu cited trough Israeli Media (read the article of Attila Somfalvi, published on  05.25.14, 00:11 in the Israel News.)

Ultra Right FM Lieberman could explain it more extreme:  'Pro-Palestinian' activities which like in darker times call to boycott 'Jewish products' are anti-Semitic activities, and nothing more.

The correct answer to this came already more then 10 year ago, from Brian Klug and Michael Neumann

  • Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism -  Brian Klug, senior research fellow in philosophy at St Benet's Hall, Oxford, and a founder member of the Jewish Forum for Justice and Human Rights. (2003, in the Guardian)
  • What Is Antisemitism?  - Michael Neumann, professor of philosophy at Trent University in Ontario, Canada.

It is important to realize, that the Zionists are in a desperate situation, and use any opportunity to blame the pro Palestine movement, frighten the Jewish citizens of western countries that antisemitism is emerging, and fool them that Israel can be a safe heaven for Jews.

Both jewish victoms in the museum in Brussels were Mossad members, the man was specialist in spying on the activities of the Hezbiolla. The Israeli Mossad blames the Hezbolla for the killings, but it could also be an insight job of the Israeli Mossad. Killing victoms anywhere outsight Israel, is a known speciality of the Mossad.
Anyway, it has really nothing to do anti-seminism, despite the rediculus claims of PM Netanyahu, and FM Lieberman

And again, the false news articles are not rectified in wester media. The world stiil must believe antisemitism is rising in Western Europe, despite of no deadly incident in 30 years, and this incident appearing to be all but anti-semitism.

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