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Peaceful Palestine resistance is answered by Israeli Violence

The Palestinians restrict their resistance to peaceful actions. The Israeli settlers and their war-moaning government seeks for possibilities to use more violence.
They know that collective punishment is accepted by the western world (!!), so they provocate the Palestinians to use some violence, or orchestrate the violence themselves and blame their enemies.

The killings in the Jewish museum in Brussels (may 2014) is used to blame the western world for anti-semitism (Netanyahu, Lieberman) and blame the Hezbollah for terror (Mossad). We will never know who hired or motivated the killer to shoot the two mossad members in Brussels. Most likely, it was the Mossad itself. Such things happen in secret services, and orchestrating the killing in Western Europe  on the eve of the European elections might give some extra benefit.

This weekend some settler children were missing. Their is no investigation on the settler communities, although they kidnapped an Palestinian child last month, and are always looking for ways to get militairy support to 'protect' them. Their is also no investigation in the army, although they kidnap Palestinian children nearly every night. A telephone call of one of the boys, 23u30 to a jewish police station, was not credible enough to believe (!!!)

Netanyahu blames the Hamas. He tries to convince us, that violant Palestinians must have kidnapped three teenagers, while hitchhiking, because they are terrorists anyway.

The occupation army already start punishing the whole Palestinian group: with 8 airstrikes on the captured people of Gaza. By detaining 150 palestianians, among them the president of the palestinian parlement, and  killed a 20 year old man in nightly razzias. By closing all (!!) the checkpoints in southern West Bank. There are so many Israeli checkpoints, that normal live is impossible if the are closed. Collective punishment is a violation of human Rights

It all looks like an IDF/Yeshiva-settler set-up.  Israel needs another Gilad Shalit-scenario to"justify" their own night/day terror. Why were they hitchhiking late at night on a highway in occupied palestine territory? The kidnapping operation in the West Bank is still only an Israeli claim, as none of the Palestinian political parties claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. There is not any proof of kidnapping. The DNA test result of particles in the suspected car got no publicity.

The Israeli government or settler groupsneed these false flag actions, because the Palestinians restrict themselves to peaceful actions.
And after the unsuccessful peace talks, of which the Israeli government gets all the blame, after the killing of two boys on Nakba memorial day, and after a 50 days hunger strike of 125 prisoners, there is a great need for a possibility to blame the Palestinianians for violence.

So they could have orchestrated this violence themselve. That's quite obvious.  Don't be fooled. Don't think the Palestinians have anything to do with the missing children, because it is more likely that the settler community or the occupation army, who was training in this region, is involved in this. And don't think there is any justification for the collective punisment of palestinans, which is going on, and may provoce a 3th Initifade and unpropriate israelian violence again.

Compare: 1,400 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel since 2000, and more than 200 are currently in prison, nightly kidnapped, suffering from all kinds of torture

But even if the three boys are kidnapped, which is wrong, that doesn’t mean Israel is innocent or right in what it does to the Palestinians; the opposite is the case. Israel is running a military dictatorship in the West Bank, which means Israel shares in the blame for the kidnapping because Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians was at least one of the things, probably the main thing, that provoked it. So ultimately the answer to kidnappings and other acts against Israelis is to end the occupation,  the colonisation, the landrob, the killings, the detaining, the drinkwater abuse, the apartheid and the kidnapping op pa


Update 15 june, (comment by Sara on maannews)

There is something very wrong about this story. The car looks like its being bombed. Then, the Israeli police only begone looking 8 hours after the so called "kidnapping". Just before the "kidnapping" IDF was training in this area. A driver from Beersheva reported to the police and army that he gave two of them a lift, while he was picking up his own son. He was thanked by them. He repeatedly warned the two youngsters of the dangers. It's ok it's ok.....they assured him.....

 Two???? where was the third? I wonder... did the two killed the third? Are they now trying to cover up the killing by blaming Palestinians? IDF already start to blame Palestinians BEFORE they even know the names of the settlers (names and pictures where available only yesterday). This stinks!

Update (19june on maannews):
President Mahmud Abbas on Wednesday accused those behind the alleged kidnapping in the West Bank of three Israeli teenagers last week of wanting to "destroy" the Palestinians:  "Those who kidnapped the three teenagers want to destroy us. We will hold them accountable," Abbas told an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation meeting in Jeddah.

I think Abbas is right, this time.
So why isn't the Occupation Army looking for them in the jewish settlements?
The sad answer to this is: As long as the majority in the world believe the Palestinian Terrorists kidnap story, they definitely don't want to find the 3 students, but keep on punishing the whole Palestinian community and weaken their new yet to elect governement.

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